BASF our-approach

You need solutions.


But not just any solutions: customized solutions tailored to meet your specific project's distinct situation and objectives. You need solutions based on science, and a holistic, systems-centric approach to construction.


That's where our BASF experts can help.


We've leveraged over 150 years of innovative chemistry expertise and building science proficiency to develop a holistic approach to commercial construction, called BEYOND.High Performance ®


How it works

We connect you with our multidisciplinary team of building scientists, architects, engineers and sustainable construction experts.


By collaborating directly with you to explore options and ideas, test theories and apply scientific analysis, our experts help you create sustainable construction projects that are safer, faster to build, more energy efficient, more durable, and more comfortable.


A singular resource, a wealth of knowledge

Whatever end-use, whether new construction or retrofit project, our experts can help you with your residential projects.


Our holistic approach to residential construction will help you deliver high-performance homes that meet your customers' needs.


We'll help you focus not only on the building, but also on fulfilling the needs of the homeowners and their families — the way they live and their well-being. A holistic approach means sustainability without compromising on comfort or cost.


More energy efficient. More durable. Faster to build. All with a lower lifecycle cost and reduced environmental impact.


How we've helped

Some examples of the work we've done in the residential sector include:

  • Partnered with national home builders and provided affordable pathways to net-zero capable homes
  • Engaged construction industry stakeholders to develop lighter, stronger, thinner, envelope systems resulting in increased efficiency
  • Created and delivered BEYOND.High Performance® regional educational events across the United States
  • Developed a holistic approach by evaluating the impact of high-performance envelope systems, offsetting costs by innovative cost-shifting strategies
  • Assisted regional production builder in implementing a single-step application hybrid wall that reduces air leakage, improves thermal performance, and mitigates risk of water intrusion
  • Differentiated a building material supplier as a high-performance vendor through building science training and product offerings


Meet your team

Mary Poma
Mary Poma Head of Business Development
Ron Heidt
Ron Heidt Residential Construction Relationship Manager
Yuri Headshot
Yuri Lawrence Residential Key Account Manager
Andrew Foppe
Andrew Foppe LEED AP BD+C Residential Segment Manager
Chris Rosemond
Chris Rosemond Assoc. AIA

Construction Science Architect

Emily Vancourt
Emily Van Court Assoc. AIA, SEED

Construction Science Architect

Jamie Hicks
Jamie Hicks Registered Architect, LEED AP [BD+C], CDT

Technical Project Advisor, Center for Building Excellence