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We spend so much of our lives interacting with commercial buildings, that their performance has a direct impact on the balance of economy, ecology and society at the very highest levels.


Approach matters

We have several approaches to improving the performance of commercial buildings. We'll work with you to develop a tailored solution for your specific project, exploring options and ideas, and testing theories.


Energy savings, sustainable performance, enhanced overall comfort, faster construction and design freedom: that's what we can bring to your project.




From insulation to expansion controls to water-proofing and reflective membranes, a lot goes into designing roofs for commercial buildings.

You need roofing solutions that provide extreme durability, severe weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency, without compromising aesthetics. We have practical, sustainable, flexible materials for architects and designers.


Strength, durability and safety: a building's performance relies on the quality of its building envelope.

BASF provides an extensive range of wall systems and products that address the complexities of design, performance, affordability, sustainability, climate and speed of construction. Plus, our architectural finish systems and coatings will enhance aesthetics, reduce maintenance needs and improve indoor environmental quality.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors need to look great, but they also need to be durable and energy efficient—keeping conditioned air inside, where it belongs.

Thermoplastic spacers sealed with BASF Oppanol® polyisobutylene (PIB) allows for the design freedom you want, while meeting the increasingly stringent heat-insulation standards you need. Our flexible and UV-resistant sealants also help accommodate torque stress, making windows less prone to breakage.


Floor requirements vary in performance, technical and aesthetic criteria.

Get the optimum flooring for your building, while balancing costs, time constraints and speed of installation. From cementitious, polyurethane and epoxy coatings to dry shake floors—that are based on sand, special cements, color pigments and hard aggregates—BASF can help your floor stay durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.