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Project profile: Louisianas KATC TV station chooses SPF roofing for efficiency and comfort



  • 24,000 square-foot television station



  • Hot, humid climate
  • Potential for hurricanes
  • Remove existing roofing
  • Number of necessary penetrations in roof for broadcast equipment



  • ELASTOSPRAY® polyurethane foam and ELASTOCOAT™ protective coating



  • New warranty
  • Severe weather resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Leak-free performance
  • No disruption during installation


In a city where citizens celebrate “Severe Weather Awareness Week”, temperatures regularly rise above 100 F, and a sudden hailstorm is common, the weather in Lafayette, LA, is often headline news. In fact, across the entire state of Louisiana, utility costs, building durability and occupant health and safety are constant concerns for property managers and building owners. After years of enduring a faulty roof, it was time for a local Lafayette television station, KATC TV, to renovate its 24,000 square-foot roof. Holes led to rainwater seepage into the studio. Cooling the building efficiently and evenly proved difficult because conditioned air was escaping from gaps in the roof.


“We were completely put out,” says Andrew Shenkan, building manager at KATC TV. “Water was collecting, there were gaping holes everywhere and the roof was bubbling. We were constantly hiring contractors to repair the roof but they couldn’t keep the water out. Although we got used to having buckets beside our desks, we knew that something more permanent had to be done.” Louisiana’s KATC TV station chooses SPF roofing for efficiency and comfort After considering their options, KATC TV decided that spray-applied polyurethane foam (SPF) was best-suited for the project. Their main objective was to stop the leaks. But they also needed to improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of cooling the building. SPF combines superior air leakage and water resistance with one of the highest insulation R-values available on the market at 6.0 per inch, which made it a clear choice for KATC TV.


Louisiana is in the hurricane zone, so the wind uplift resistance and severe weather protection properties of SPF were also key in the decision. Shenkan recognized that a roof system requires expert installation, so when it came time to replace the old roof, he looked for a premium SPF system, then he called a team of recognized SPF contractors—Insulated Roofing Contractors (IRC) of Louisville, Kentucky. “IRC came recommended to us, and when we learned that they had done a number of highprofile buildings and were trusted to repair the damage to some pretty important roofs after hurricane Katrina, we sought out a bid from IRC. We were confident that they were skilled and that we could rely on their expertise.” As expert roofing contractors committed to using ELASTOSPRAY® SPF from BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises LLC, IRC ensures that any roof they finish will be leak free, completely secure and easily repairable.


“Polyurethane foam was an excellent option here,” says Sean Stumler of IRC. “Its seamless construction doesn’t allow any water or air to pass through. That means zero leaks. And because it is a fully-adhered system, wind uplift isn’t a problem, which is important for any building in a hurricane zone.”


The roof required a complete renovation. IRC had to remove all of the old roof and install new metal flashing. Over that, the contractors applied a 1.5” thick layer of BASF ELASTOSPRAY polyurethane foam roofing, followed by ELASTOCOAT™ protective coating.


Another factor in replacing the roof of a television station facility is the number and scope of penetrations for antennas and satellite dishes—a detailing nightmare for conventional roofing systems. As a spray-applied system, polyurethane foam makes detailing easier, providing leak-free protection at a lower labor cost. The project was completed in less than a month, without any downtime or studio production interference. It would have taken even less time but it rained for two straight weeks—“the kiss of death for roofers,” as Shenkan remarks. With no interruption, the citizens of Lafayette (more than 377,000 weekly viewers) were still able to rely on KATC TV for their local news, information and entertainment.


“The roof is working out exceptionally well. It’s much easier to cool the building and now the temperature is even in every part of the station. We are a lot more comfortable in the office now. It used to be that people would always tell us how awful our roof was; now it’s the opposite. Whenever we have people come work on our satellite dish or air conditioning, they tell us how great the roof looks. And just imagine how I feel, as the building manager, knowing that my roof is expected to last for years to come. It’s very reassuring.”