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The Warrington 22 story living facility

Since the early 1980s this 22 story luxury family living facility has been the home to some of the most famous and infamous Dallas residents. Located in one of the oldest and most prestigious areas of Dallas, the contemporary high rise is constructed with cast-in-place concrete foundations, columns, slabs and shear walls.


Due to expansion of the rebar caused by corrosion, a mass of concrete fell from the exterior wall landing on a tenant patio. With the danger of continued damage and additional building debris falling on homeowners or visitors, a speedy, sound solution was necessary. Deficient concrete and corroded rebar needed to be removed and repaired with a solution that would prevent future damage. The Home Owners Association was very involved in the project and required a corrosion inhibitor that would not change the panel color, but that would also provide water repellency.


The BASF team provided testing data assuring the engineer that Masterseal CP could meet the demands of the structure. They also educated the contractor and the Home Owners Association on the performance properties of Masterseal CP and its ability to penetrate the structure without altering its aesthetics.


Providing technical assistance throughout the application, BASF and the contractor identified hollow and spalling areas which were cut or chipped out. Rebar was primed and the repair area was filled with Gel Patch. Three swing stages were utilized on the project with a total of 23 drops. Two applications of Masterseal CP were applied to all exterior concrete and approximately 25% of the walls were coated with Thorocoat 200 closely matching the exposed concrete on the remainder of the building.


  • Surface applied corrosion inhibitor that protects the structure without changing the aesthetics.
  • Technical knowledge and service in the field.
  • Complete bundle of products to repair and beautify the structure.