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BEYOND Speaker Series, Part 2: Straws, sticks, bricks and smart wall systems

Posted on May 19, 2016

This week, in part two of our BEYOND Building Speaker Series, Joe Lstiburek shares the importance of getting your build right on the outside, and what he sees on the job site that makes him cry tears of joy.



Joe Lstiburek of the Building Science Corporation believes whole-heartedly that you should get your build right from the outside by getting the walls right. When a builder gets the walls right, those same walls can be built anywhere, regardless of climate. Lstiburek cites four main elements that walls need to take care of:


  1. Moisture
  2. Air
  3. Vapour
  4. Thermal


By including these control layers on the outside, you increase the life, safety and comfort of your homes. “You have to insulate on the outside. I learned this as a child growing up in Canada,” says Lstiburek. “When it’s cold we pull the sweater over the outside of us, we don’t eat it and shove it into our ribs. So you need to be a sweater-wearer, not a sweater-eater.”


He also stresses the importance of getting framing to line up. By ensuring everything lines up straight, you can use up to 30% less framing and get the job done faster. “It’s called advanced framing,” he says. “I see this now on a job site, a little tear forms in the corner of my eye and runs down my cheek I’m so happy.”


By taking these fundamentals into account you will not only cut the costs of your build, but also save time. 


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