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BEYOND Building Speaker Series, Part 4: Guarantee homeowner satisfaction

Posted on June 08, 2016

This week, in part four of the BEYOND Building Speaker Series, David Bell explaining the seven principles of building science to help predict and guarantee high-performance homes that function as they were designed to do. 



High-performance goes beyond energy efficient. By applying building science throughout the home, you can have a better understanding of how all the pieces fit together. A house is a system, and that system depends on an understanding of air, heat and moisture flow. That’s why the seven key principles of building science are:


  1. Tight Construction
  2. Fresh Air Ventilation
  3. Improved Thermal Systems
  4. Combustion Safety
  5. Right-sized HVAC Equipment
  6. Pressure Balancing
  7. Internal Moisture Management


Vice President of Building Science for TopBuild Home Services David Bell believes, “With building science we can predict building performance.” Predictability means you reduce the number of risks and call backs because you can be sure the home performs as it was designed to do.


These seven principles tie into four key strategies that cover air barrier, thermal, conditioning and drying. According to Bell, when you have strategies that cover the seven key principles, you can guarantee a home’s performance, “Very simply we’re saying the home was designed correctly. The pieces and all the different parts were installed correctly. We’ve tested it or had inspections to verify it was done correctly. So we can guarantee it.”


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