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BEYOND Speaker Series, Part 3: Take net-zero energy ready homes from niche to norm

Posted on May 26, 2016

In part three of our BEYOND Building Speaker Series, Sam Rashkin discusses building net-zero ready homes and how to sell them to homebuyers.



Stricter codes come with their associated risks. But managing these risks doesn’t have to get in the way of differentiating your builds. Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, sees several differentiation opportunities, including the opportunity to make your homes Net Zero Energy Ready Homes.


By incorporating his seven must-have systems, your builds will be future ready, all while keeping energy costs down. You can manage everything from temperature to technological capabilities, meaning your builds won’t become obsolete. These systems include:


  • Optimized Thermal Protection System
  • Whole-House Water Protection
  • High-Performance Heating and Cooling
  • High Efficiency Components
  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality
  • Solar-Ready Construction
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance


With these systems, “You’re delivering a level of comfort that the American homeowner has never seen before,” says Rashkin.


These systems are also valuable selling points. You can market more comfortable and healthful homes that are expert recommended. These recommendations come not only through the builder, but also through the brands that back the Zero Energy label. This is a huge advantage for builders because you can make homes that live, work, and last at a lower true cost to the homebuyer.


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