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BEYOND Building Speaker Series, Part 5: Build custom solutions with BASF

Posted on June 20, 2016

In the fifth and final part of the BEYOND Building Speaker Series, Emily Van Court discusses how BASF can help builders take on challenges and improve project ROI.



Are you seeking consultative solutions? The Center for Building Excellence can help with project complexities, compliance with codes, and more. To best help the builder, they approach problems from a holistic point of view. 


“It’s important to think holistically,” says Emily Van Court, Associate Member of the AIA and SEED. “Because if you don’t, then you’re just looking at the added benefit of each layer.” Understanding how those layers add up to the final product is key to understanding the problem itself.


Center of Building Excellence consultants use integrated systems in their solutions because those are more effective in terms of building science, energy, and production time. However, consultants aren’t simply handing out solutions for you to implement on your own.


“We’re really a hands-on approach, not a hands-off approach,” explains Van Court. Consultants will work with you through the various stages of the solution to ensure that your project sees the benefits. 

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