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Going BEYOND building as usual

Posted on October 23, 2015
Going BEYOND building as usual

A new approach to residential construction helps today’s progressive builders turn challenges into opportunities

Through a new approach to homebuilding, called BEYOND.High Performance®, BASF is leveraging over 150 years of innovative chemistry expertise along with comprehensive building science proficiency to help simplify and streamline the sustainable construction process. The revolutionary approach combines two complementary initiatives together into a single solution, giving residential building professionals a new cost-effective way to build high quality homes.

Residential construction is changing. Challenging new code requirements, coupled with homeowners’ growing expectations for more sustainable, affordable homes, are putting the pressure on builders to change their approach to residential construction. BASF, a leader in the residential homebuilding industry, is going beyond simply assisting today’s progressive builders in adapting to this challenging new construction landscape–it’s helping them to actually embrace the unique opportunities it offers them.


Building Better, Together

Through its BEYOND.High Performance® approach, BASF brings together the company’s applied systems knowledge and support—via its HP+™ Consultative Solutions—and combines it with its building science expertise, delivered through its HP+ Building Enclosure Systems. The tiered approach provides builders with the combination of incredible insight and advanced product innovation, offering a true one-two punch for them to apply to their residential projects across a wide variety of code, geographic and budget parameters.


A Partnership for Progress

Before any products or advanced building techniques are even considered, BASF connects builders to the expert team of building scientists, architects, engineers and sustainable construction professionals that comprise BASF's Center for Building Excellence. Through the HP+ Consultative Solutions, builders consult directly with the team, tapping into their wealth of collected knowledge about beyond-code methods and other invaluable insights. Working in partnership with these experts, builders can ensure their projects have tight construction with fresh air ventilation, improved thermal performance, right-sized mechanicals, greater moisture management, and more. This partnership can also help builders take advantage of cost-shifting strategies that often allow them to reduce lumber and materials while actually increasing the structural integrity and energy efficiency of their project, leading to a house that has higher market value and appeal, while maintaining a manageable production cost.


A Systems-Centric Solution

With analysis and planning complete, builders can then look to the integrated systems-centric solutions found in BASF’s portfolio of building enclosure applications to choose what works best for their project’s particular needs. These innovations strategically combine proven BASF products into layered, system assemblies that go beyond the four walls to care for the entire building envelope. The first-generation innovation in this expanding collection of solutions is the HP+ Wall System, a high-performance, easy-to-build assembly that combines advanced framing and incorporated control layers that provide durable code-compliant structural resistance using less wood than traditional construction.


By taking advantage of the powerful insight and innovation in this groundbreaking approach, builders can realize enhanced efficiencies and exponential value for their single-family home projects, positioning themselves to be successful in today’s evolving residential landscape… and move beyond their competition.


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Rick Davenport, Director of Sustainable Construction at BASF, presents at ICAA and explains how BEYOND.High Performance® brings you an entirely new, integrated approach to residential construction that combines innovative systems-centric solutions and superior support services.







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