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Continuous Insulation Sheathing Simplifies Energy Code Compliance

Posted on January 03, 2017
Continuous Insulation Sheathing Simplifies Energy Code Compliance


Typical wall assemblies offer numerous pathways for heat to exit through exterior walls. Heat lost through wall surface thermal bridging can add up to annual energy losses of 40%. Although some builders have offered energy-efficient projects as a premium feature to clients, code requirements often mandate this now


Many builders are looking for simple solutions to prevent thermal bridging both to satisfy the demand for more energy-efficient projects and to comply with the latest energy codes without fundamentally altering building techniques. Optimum thermal insulation from Neopor Continuous Insulation Sheathing (CIS) by BASF is the practical and economical way to reduce such losses and promote energy efficiency.


Neopor CIS has excellent structural properties for thermal insulation of residential and commercial exterior walls. By using Neopor CIS, builders can meet the latest energy codes and homeowners can benefit from the energy savings and increased home comfort.


Advantages of Neopor CIS

  • Efficient thermal insulation that prevents thermal bridging
  • Helps builders meet the latest energy code requirements
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Excellent for facade renovations and new construction
  • Meets rigorous third-party standards, including GREENGUARD


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